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Sheep Ear Tags

Shearwell-designed and produced: the market’s leading visual and RFID ear tags

Tag retention is superb and legibility of the laser-etched and customer-specific data is excellent. Smooth inner surfaces eliminate irritation of the ear. The design is unique and outwardly identical for both RFID and Visual ear tags.


Industry Leading Tag Retention

We know how important tag retention is because we are farmers too! We test and use our equipment and solutions ourselves, every day. That (and the feedback we get from other farmers around the globe) gives us the confidence to recommend them to our customers.

And we also always like to point out that our USDA-approved Shearwell SET sheep tags, visual and electronic, are famous for their industry leading retention rates!


USDA approves Shearwell Data SET tag

Shearwell Data has been supplying sheep ear tags to customers in the USA since 2013. The sheep ear tag is approved as both a visual and an electronic RFID tag under the National Scrapie Eradication Program. In September 2019 Shearwell received approval to supply plastic (non RFID) serial and flock ID premise tags through a USDA contract. Tags purchased through this contract will be paid for by the USDA.


Our tags can only be inserted using a Shearwell SET Tag Applicators, as the tags and applicator have been specifically designed for each other. The tags and applicator ensure easy application, thereby minimising stress to both animal and operator. Please see Tagging Instructions for more details.

You will need to buy a Shearwell SET Tag Applicator. It's a quick and easy process - just call our helpful team on 1-800-778-6014 and pay by card and your applicator will be dispatched to you immediately. If no card then pay by Check to the address above.


Scrapie Tags not purchased through the USDA Contract

Scrapie tags can also be supplied as an RFID tag or a visual tag in a range of colors including yellow, white, green, spearmint, orange, pink, purple, brown, grey, black or red. These tags are not part of the USDA contract and therefore are not eligible as free tags. However, they are still official scrapie tags and must be ordered directly through our Shearwell office.


Management Tags

Shearwell can also supply management tags either as an RFID tag or a visual tag. These can be any of the above colors, with the additional option of blue.


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Tax will be charged in Indiana, Texas, Ohio, Minnesota, Kentucky, and Kansas.