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FarmWorks Classic

Farm Management Software & Support

FarmWorks Classic is our full-featured farm software package that runs on a Windows PC. 

Provides you with reports and features offering insight into how individual animals are performing and aiding fact-based management decision making. There’s also a FarmWorks Classic Mobile app to run on your Android™ phone.


X6 Stock Recorder

Introducing the Pocket Size Shearwell X6 STOCK RECORDER.

The Shearwell X6 is our next generation Stock Recorder for cattle and sheep. It provides users with a lightweight, ergonomically designed device to capture on-farm management data.

It works seamlessly with our FarmWorks Classic software and with its built-in RFID tag reader, you can use the X6 to record breeding, births, weights, treatments, movements and much more. The X6 is rugged, reliable and easy to use.



X6 Stock Recorder


FarmWorks Classic Management Software

FarmWorks Classic is the ideal sheep and cattle management program that helps turn livestock data into useful and usable management information.

And it produces immaculate paperwork too!


You can also add on our mobile app subscription.



X6 Stock Recorder


FarmWorks Classic Support

Help & Support when you need it.

Software support is included for the first year. This provides telephone support and program updates as well as access to our customer support website. After this period we will offer continued support for an annual fee.



X6 Stock Recorder