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Metal EID Cattle Tag Applicator


For use only with one piece MET Tags

FREE Applicator
See offer terms below.

Tagging Instructions

Product Code SDL-META

Product Description

*Cattle Tag Applicator offer T&Cs

A free MET Tag applicator (worth $54) will be supplied when you order 40 MET Tags for cattle directly from Shearwell Data.

Offer applied to the first order of 40 or more MET tags. Only one free applicator will be supplied to each account / address. Further orders of this amount of tags will not receive a free applicator.

The free offer relates to the applicator only, so postal charges and tax charges may apply.

This offer will run for a limited amount of time and Shearwell reserves the right to remove or amend the offer without notice.

This applicator includes a spacer that can easily be added to the applicator to ensure enough space is left for the calf's ear to grow.


Lightweight applicator, engineered for easy tagging

Watch how to use the Shearwell MET Tag Applicator with calf spacer

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