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RFID Sheep Automatic Drafting Crate

Includes a ShearWeigh weigh head, Shearwell load bars and Stock Recorder Cradle.

Draft out animals based on current weight or by any previously saved criteria. The ‘in’ gate and the multiple ‘out’ gates are all fully and pneumatically controlled. The ultimate in automatic drafting.

Product Code SDL720C
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Product Description

With the Shearwell Automatic Sheep Drafting Crate you get:

  • ShearWeigh weigh head
  • Shearwell load bars
  • Stock Recorder Cradle
  • Shearwell SDL710C Pneumatically-Driven Sheep Drafting Crate
  • Shearwell SDL150S EID Race Reader (pair of antennas)
  • Shearwell Drafting Controller to drive the gates
  • Shearwell Stock Recorder (optional)

A Shearwell Stock Recorder (priced separately) is required for the automated drafting functions.

If you already have a set of load bars or a weigh scale indicator, these may be compatible so please contact us for more details.

User Manual

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