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RFID Stick Reader - SDL440S

One person with the Shearwell Stick Reader can quickly and accurately identify the electronic IDs of your livestock.

What’s included with every Stick Reader:

• 1x Battery holder
• 1x in-car charger
• 1x mains power battery charger
• Downloadable PC & Mac management software
• Android™ & iPhone® Apps available

Product Code SDL440-M-WW

Product Description

In a pen, in a race or out in the field, simply point, scan, record and store the data – up to 16,000 animals and up to 26 management groups.


The Stick Reader is rugged, light weight at only 594g and built for a hard day’s work out on the farm. It has easy, single-button operation and a large display. And when you’re done, just transfer the data wirelessly over to your office computer or even to your mobile.


This Stick Reader can be used with our Stock Recorder, our mobile printer, with an Android™, iPhone® or iPad® device and with a Windows PC, Mac® or Laptop equipped with Bluetooth.

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